At Stir, we believe in protecting and preserving the finer things.

We are a group of parents and animal lovers who take pride in keeping our houses clean. Between muddy shoes and paws to red wine and grape juice, we need products to save our home from the chaos of every day life.

SoftClad - Fabric Protector Spray

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Pet Owner

"We have pets. Pets make messes. This stuff really really helps keep those messes from becoming permanent problems. We sprated an entire couch with it and it's amazing."

Casey T.

Carpet, Dining Room Chairs & Lounge Mats

"I used this on carpets, dinning room chairs, and summer, chaise lounge mats. It was a far superior product to Scotchgard which I had previously used on the patio umbrella. I highly recommend this product, and will use it exclusively in the future."


1970 Corvette

"My 1970 Corvette with suede interior. [I sprayed SoftClad and] water repels great."